Sunday, January 8, 2012

Using ezGED's file manager (updated for 1.0.1)

Getting back to work here after the holidays. There is still some unfinished business with the product documentation. I'll begin with a first installment on the file manager ...

The first view you see when you launch ezGED Viewer, is a file manager. This acts as a "file picker" to allow you to navigate through the file system to the ".ged" file you wish to open. The screen shot below shows the contents of the directory /mnt/sdcard (the caption under the action bar always displays the current directory).

This view can show three types of entries.

The green arrow at the top of the view, moves up one directory level in the file system, when it is clicked.

The folders, such as "Android", "DCIM", etc. represent subdirectories that if clicked, cause the current directory to move down one level, to the clicked directory.

The only files displayed will be GEDCOM files with a ".ged" extension. These are represented by tree icons. When one of these is clicked, the GEDCOM file will be opened and processed to graphically display its contents. The file size in bytes and directory are listed under the file name.

In the upper right corner of the action bar there is a "refresh" icon. When this is clicked the contents of the view are regenerated. This is useful if files are copied to your device after ezGED has already been launched.

Context Menus (Updated for 1.0.1)
Context menus pop up when you make a "long press" on a file or folder.
The context menu for the file FAN10.GED looks like this.

The options here are:
Open - clicking this will open FAN10.GED.
Set auto-load file (new v1.0.1) - clicking this option will store the path of FAN10.GED as the auto-load file; if the Setting:Enable file auto-load is enabled, then when ezGED is first launched, this file will be automatically loaded, bypassing the file selection step.
Clear cache file - if the Setting:Create cache files is enabled, then when a ".ged" file is first opened and processed, ezGED's internal representation of the GEDCOM is stored in a ".cache" file under the directory /mnt/sdcard/ezged; if the original GEDCOM file is not changed, then on subsequent opens the ".cache" file is used. Clicking on this option will delete the corresponding ".cache" file so that when FAN10.GED, is opened again it receives fresh processing.
Empty cache directory - clicking this option deletes all ".cache" files from /mnt/sdcard/ezged.

The context menu for /mnt/sdcard/download looks like this.

The options here are:
Empty cache directory - clicking this option deletes all ".cache" files from /mnt/sdcard/ezged.
Set home directory - clicking this option sets the selected directory (/mnt/sdcard/download) as the initial directory the next time the ezGED file manager is launched.

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  1. How can I upload my GEDCOM files into this? I would appreciate some more instruction, regarding this.

    Thank you.


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