Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ezGED Viewer v1.0.1

Happy New Year!
ezGED Viewer version 1.0.1 has now been released.

Here is a list of the changes.
Bug fixes:
  • Force Close when searching for an Individual surname
  • Force Close on entering Individual Details view
  • Force Close on filling the Families view
  • Corrected layout bug in the Reports view, where the "Focus name" label drifted away from its underlying drop down menu.
  • In Individual Details views, buttons previously labeled with IDs are now labeled with names.
  • In the Reports view, the drop down menu of focus persons are now sorted by surname, then given name.
New Feature:
  • Added Settings checkbox for "Enable file auto-load"; if this setting is enabled, then a new file manager context menu command, "Set auto-load file", specifies a file to be automatically loaded when ezGED launches.


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