Monday, January 16, 2012

Setting ezGED preferences

Like other android apps, ezGED Viewer has some application settings that control aspects of the program's behavior. To reach these settings, use the menu button to access the Options Menu containing the Settings and About items, as shown below:

Then click the Settings button to reach ezGED's Preferences:

There are currently two File Preferences:
  • Create cache files
    If this preference is checked, then when a GEDCOM file is parsed the first time, the internal representation of the GEDCOM's structure is stored to a binary cache file. On subsequent loads of the identical GEDCOM, the cache file is loaded instead, saving having to reparse the file. Any changes to the GEDCOM file will cause the file to be reparsed. Cache files can be removed using the file manager's Clear cache file and Empty cache directory context menu commands (see Using ezGED's file manager).
  • Enable file auto-load
    If this preference is checked, then when is ezGED is launched, a preferred file will automatically be loaded, bypassing the file manager. This is convenient if you are working with a single file and don't want to repeat the same file manager navigation steps each time. The preferred file is set using the file manager's Set auto-load file context menu command (see Using ezGED's file manager).



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