Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Work is now completed on version 0.6 of GEDCOM-DDL. This is a transformation of the platform independent GEDCOM-UML model, into a database model along with SQL DDL for creation of a SQLite 3 database. This new model is cast in database terminology so it shows tables instead of classes and keys instead of associations. The versions of GEDCOM-DDL and GEDCOM-UML are both 0.6, because I hope to keep the two models in-sync.

Earlier, I posted an analysis of the file size limitations of ezGED Viewer. Now that I have a database schema for storing GEDCOM file contents, I hope to overcome the input GEDCOM file size limits. The size of a SQLite database file will only be limited by the file system in which it is stored. For the FAT32 file system, used on common SD cards, this limit is 4 gigabytes -1.


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