Monday, December 12, 2016

New Bug Fixes in GedcomLexer v0.3

A new release of GedcomLexer (a Notepad++ text editor plugin for GEDCOM files) is available. The new release has the following changes:
  • Fix a variety of bugs related to determining the LangID code displayed in the plugin’s About dialog (the LangID is needed by Notepad++'s Function List feature).
  • Fix a bug in the Function List parser for GEDCOM names, that prevented the names to be displayed for GEDCOM files exported from family trees.
  • Convert the project to use Visual Studio 2015 for development.
The new release (32-bit only, for now) can be downloaded here:
This plugin project is hosted by SourceForge: GEDCOM Lexer Plugin for Notepad++

Questions & comments are welcome.


  1. The syntax colouring does not yet work correct in v0.3 (2016/12/12), in case of UTF-8 coded GEDCOM and used german Umlaute or czech diacritical characters. Then the colour of any string is changing to red, e.g. in surname "Müller".
    The first non-ANSI character leads to red colour until end of any string.

  2. Thank you for reporting this. The next release, probably January, will address this.


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